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En este espacio te brindamos una serie de conversaciones en Inglés para que puedas mejorar tu speaking con la guía de Nuestro Coach


 >Good morning

>Good afternoon

>Good evening


>What is your name? = My name is... I am ....

>How are you? = I m good/I´m fine/I am fine too/pretty good/just fine/

Quite well thanks/not too bad and you/more or less

>How old are you? = I am 20 years old

>Where are you From? = I am from England

>Where do you live? = I live in London 

>What´s your profession?  = I am a student/ I am an Ingineer/ 

i am a doctor

>What do you do for work? = I sell computers/I´m a dentist

>What´s your occupation? = I work as a painter

>What do you like to do? = I like playing football

I like to watch horror films/I like reading books/I like to play video games


>And you?/What about you?/How about you?

>It´s nice to meet you/nice to meet you too

>I am glad to meet you/I´m glad to meet you too 

>It´s nice to see you/nice to see you too

>Good to see you/Good to see you too


>See you later/See you tomorrow/See you soon/See you on sunday

>Bye/Good bye/Take care

>Have a nice day/Have a nice day too

>Good night

>It was nice to meet you/It was nice to see you too

>It was nice to see you/It was nice to see you too

 >Mark: Hello

>Pamela: Hi

>Mark: How are you?

>Pamela: I´m good. What about you?

>Mark: Good thank you. Do you speak English?

>Pamela: A little. Are you from England?

>Mark: Yes I am. Where are you from?

>Pamela: I am from Bolivia

>Mark: It´s nice to meet you

>Pamela: Nice to meet you too

>Both: Bye bye

>Mike: Good morning, Excuse me, What´s your name?

>Bob: My name is Bob. and you?

>Mike: I am Mike. How old are you Bob?

>Bob: I am 25 years old. What about you?

>Mike: I am 22 years old

>Bob: Where do you live?

>Mike: I live in New York. and you?

>Bob: I live in Texas

>Mike: I´m glad to meet you

>Bob: Me too

>Mike: Take care Bob

>Bob: Thanks Mike. Have a nice day

>Lim: Excuse me, are you English?

>Felipe: No i am not

>Lim: Do you speak English?

>Felipe: A little, but not very well

>Lim: How long have you been here?

>Felipe: About 2 months

>Lim: What is your profession?

>Felipe: I´m a student. What about you?

>Lim: I am a nurse

>Felipe: Nice. It was nice to meet you

>Lim: It was nice meet you too 


>Carl: Excuse me, What´s your name?

>Mary: My name is Mary. What´s yours?

>Carl: I am Carl

>Mary: You speak English quite well

>Carl: Thank you, Do you Know what time is it?

>Mary: Sure. It´s 5:10 pm

>Carl: Sorry, What did you say?

>Mary: I said it´s 5:10pm

>Carl: Thanks a lot

>Mary: Your welcome 

>Sara: Hi Peter

>Peter: Hi Sara, What´s up?

>Sara: I´m looking for the airport. Can you tell me how to get there?

>Peter: No, Sorry, I don´t know where it is

>Sara: I think i can take the subway to the airport. Do you know where the subway is?

>Peter: Of course, it´s over there

>Sara: Where? i don´t see it

>Peter: Acroos the street

>Sara: Oh, i see it now. thanks.

>Peter: No problem

>Sara: Do you know if there´s a restroom around here?

>Peter: Yes, there´s one here. It is in the store

>Sara: Thanks for your help Peter, You´re a great friend

>Peter: It´s ok. i hope you have a great day

>Sara: Have a wonderful day Peter, bye 


>Bart: Good evening Rachel, how are you?

>Rachel: Hi Bart, i´m  Fine, How are you doing?

>Bart: Everything´s good

>Rachel: What do you want to do?

>Bart: I´m Hungry. I would like to eat something

>Rachel: Where do you want to go?

>Bart: I´d like to go to an Italian restaurant

>Rachel: What kind of Italian food do you like?

>Bart: I love spaghetti. Do you like spaghetti?

>Rachel: No i don´t, but i like pizza

>Bart: Ok, let´s go


>Sofi: Jane, Would you like something to eat?

>Jane: No. I´m full

>Sofi: Do you want something to drink?

>Jane: Yes, i´d like some coffee

>Sofi: Sorry, I don´t have any coffe 

>Jane: Ok. I´ll have a glass of water

>Sofi: A small glass, or a big one?

>Jane: A small one please

>Sofi: Here you are

>Jane: Thanks

>Sofi: you´re welcome

>Ben: Lisa, would you like to get something to eat with me?

>Lisa: Ok. When?

>Ben: Today at 10 O´clock

>Lisa: 10 in the morning?

 >Ben: No, at night

>Lisa: Sorry, that´s too late. I usually go to bed around 10:00pm

>Ben: Ok, How about at 1:30 pm?

>Lisa: No, that´s too early. I´ll still be at work 

>Ben: How about 5:oo pm?

>Lisa: That´s fine

>Ben: Ok see you later.

>Lisa: Alright. see you


 >Mark: Luisa, would you like to have dinner with me?

>Luisa: Yes ofcourse, that would be nice. When do you want to go?

>Mark: Is today ok?

>Luisa: Sorry, I can´t go today

>Mark: How about tomorrow night?

>Luisa: Ok. What time?

>Mark: Is 10pm all right?

>Luisa: I think that´s too late

>Mark: Is 6pm ok?

>Luisa: Yes, that´s good. where would you like to go?

>Mark: The Chinese restaurant on 5th street

>Luisa: Oh, i don´t like that restaurant. I don´t want to go there

>Mark: What about the Mexican restaurant next to it?

>Luisa: Ok, i like that restaurant


>Jim: Good morning Lui

>Lui: Morning Jim

>Jim: What are you planning to do today?

>Lui: I´m not sure yet

>Jim: Would you like to have lunch with me?

>Lui: that sounds good. When?

>Jim: At 11:30 in the morning

>Lui: Sorry, I didn´t hear you. Can you say that again please?

>Jim: I said 11:30 am

>Lui: Oh, I´m busy then. Can we meet a little later?

>Jim: Ok, What about at 12:30pm?

>Lui: that´s ok. Where would you like to go?

>Jim: What about Bill´s Seafood Restaurant

>Lui: Oh, Where is it?

>Jim: It´s on America Street

>Lui: Ok, I will meet you there

>Jim: Great, see you there

>Waiter:Hello sir, welcome to the French Garden Restaurant. How many you are?

>Bill: Just me

>Waiter: ok, this way please, Have a seat please, Your waitress will be with you in a moment.

>Waitress: Good afternoon sir, Would you like to order now?

>Bill: Oh, yes pelase

>Waitress: What would you like to drink?

>Bill: What do you have?

>Waitress: We have bottled water, juice and Coke

>Bill: I´ll have a bottle of water please

>Waitress: What would you like to eat?

>Bill: I wll have a hamburger with cheese and French fries and a bowl of noodle soup please.

>Waitress: Ok sir, your order will be ready in 10 minutes

>Bill: That´s Ok, thank you 

>Nathaly: Ralph, Where are you going?

>Ralph: I´m going to the shop. I need to buy something

>Nathaly: Really? I need to go to the shop too

>Ralph: Would you like to come with me?

>Nathaly: Yeah, let´s go together

>Ralph: Would you like to go now or later?

>Nathaly: Now would be better please

>Ralph: Ok, let´s go

>Nathaly: Should we walk?

>Ralph: No, it´s too far. Let´s drive

>Nathaly: Perfect 

>Tim: Jenifer, what are you going to do today?

>Jenifer: I´m Going shopping

>Tim: Whay time are you leaving?

>Jenifer: I´m going to leave around 4 O´clock

>Tim: will you buy a ham sandwich for me at the store?

>Jenifer: Ok, Do you have enough money?

>Tim: I´m not sure

>Jenifer: How much do you have?

>Tim: 25 dollars. Do you think that´s enough?

>Jenifer: That´s not very much

>Tim: Let me give you another ten dollars

>Jenifer: Thanks. See you later

>Tim: Thank you. See you

>Liz: Hello Paul

>Paul: Hi Liz

>Liz: How have you been?

>Paul: Not too good

>Liz: Why?

>Paul: I´m Sick

>Liz: Sorry to hear that

>Paul: It´s ok, It is not serious

>Liz: That´s good. How´s your wife?

>Paul: She´s good

>Liz: Is she in America now?

>Paul: No, she´s not here yet

>Liz: Where is she?

>Paul: She is in Canada with our kids

>Liz: I see. I have to go now, please tell your wife i said hi

>Paul: Ok thanks. See you soon

>Liz: See you. I hope you feel better


>Peter: Jonathan, this is my friend Mrs. Smith

>Jonathan: Hi, nice to meet you

>Mrs. Smith: Nice to meet you too

>Jonathan: Mrs. Smith, what do you do for work?

>Mrs. Smith: I´m a doctor

>Jonathan: Oh, where do you work? 

>Mrs. Smith: New York University Hospital in New York city.

 What do you do?

>Jonathan: I´m a teacher

>Mrs. Smith: What do you teach?

>Jonathan: I teach English

>Mr. Smith: Where? 

>Jonathan: At high school in Jersey 

>Mrs. Smith: That´s nice. How old are you?

>Jonathan: I´m 32

>Mrs. Smith: It was nice to meet you. bye

>Jonathan: It was nice to meet you too


>Ralph: Excuse me

>Seller: Hello sir, may i help you

>Ralph: Yes. Can i see that shirt on the top shef please?

>Seller: Sure. Here it is

>Ralph: How much does it cost?

>Seller: 50 pounds

>Ralph: 5O POUNDS¡¡ that´s too much

>Seller: How about this one? It´s on sale for only 35 dollars

>Ralph: I don´t like that one

>Seller: What about the one next to the black gloves? It´s very similar to the one you like.

>Ralph: That´s nice. How much is it?

>Seller: 30 dollars

>Ralph: That´ll be fine

>Seller: Is this color ok, or would you like a diffrent color?

>Ralph: that blue one ¡s fine

>Seller: Do you need anymore of these shirts?

>Ralph: Yes please

>Seller: How many do you want?

>Ralph: I´ll Take two more, a red one and a white one

>Seller: Good sir, How would you like to pay

>Ralph: I will pay by cash please.

>Seller: Ok sir, this way please 

>Mike: Excuse me. I´m looking for the Sky Hotel. Do you Know where it is?

>Cristian: Sure. It´s down this street on the left

>Mike: Is it far from here?

>Cristian: No, It´s not far

>Mike: How far is it?

>Cristian: About a mile and a half

>Mike: How long does it take to get there?

>Cristian: 10 minutes or so

>Mike: Is it close to the subway Station?

>Cristian: Yes, it´s very close. the subway station is next to the hotel. you can walk there

>Mike: Thanks a lot


>Bet: Excuse me. Do you know how to get to the mall?

>Bryan: Sure, I used to work there. Go straight for about a mile, then turn left at the light. the mall wiil be on the right 

>Bet: Do you Know the address?

>Bryan: Yes, the address is 547 Main street

>Bet: Can you write it down for me please?

>Bryan: No problem

>Bet: Is it faster if I take Yersey avenue?

>Bryan: No, that way is longer. Trere are more stop lights on the street

>Bet: I think you´re right. thank you


>Jim: What´s today´s date?

>Mia: It´s July 5th

>Jim: When are you going on vacation?

>Mia: I´m leaving on sunday. i am going to Canada

>Jim: Really? the day after tomorrow? that´s very soon

>Mia: Yeah i know

>Jim: How long are you going to stay there?

>Mia: About 2 weeks

>Jim: When are you coming back

>Mia: I´m coming back on the 17th

>Jim: Alright. Have a nice trip

>Mia: Thank you Jim. Take care


>Martha: Frank, Who is that woman?

>Francis: That´s Susan

>Martha: What does she do for work?

>Francis: She´s a lawer

>Martha: Is she English?

>Francis: No, but she speaks English fluently

>Martha: She´s really tall. Do you know her?

>Francis: Yes, I know her. we´re friends

>Martha: Who´s that man standing next to her?

>Francis: Wich man?

>Martha: That short guy on her right. What´s his name?

>Francis: Oh. that´s Matt

>Martha: He´s really good looking

>Francis: Yeah

>Martha: Do you Know him?

>Francis: I don´t know him, but i think my sister does

>Martha: Is he married

>Francis: Yes, he´s married

>Martha: I remenber now. I met him before 

>Arnold: Carl, do you know how to speak English?

>Carl: Yes i do

>Arnold: Where did you learn it?

>Carl: I learned it in College

>Arnold: You speak it realy well

>Carl: Thank you

>Arnold: How long have you been in Australia?

>Carl: About 6 months

>Arnold: Is your wife with you?

>Carl: Yes, She just got here yesterday.

>Arnold: Have you been to NEw York before?

>Carl: No. I´ve never been there

>Arnold: Have you ever been to Las Vegas

>Carl: Yes. I went there once on a business trip


>Ann: Luke, I´m going to the supermarket. Do you want to come with me?

>Luke: I think the supermarket is closed now.

>Ann: Oh, when does it close?

>Luke: It closes at 7:00 on sundays

>Ann: That´s too bad

>Luke: Don´t worry, we can go tomorrow morning. It opens at 8:00

>Ann: Alright. What do you want to do now?

>Luke: Let´s make a walk for a half an hour. My sister will get here at  about 8:30pm and then we can all go out dinner

>Ann: Where does she live?

>Luke: She lives in San Francisco

>Ann: How long has she lived there?

>Luke: I think she´s lived there for about 10 years

>Ann: That´s a long time. Where did she lived before that?

>Luke: In Kansas

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